Chemdawg #4


Chemdawg #4 is a member of the Chemdawg family. Chemdawg #4 is slightly Indica-dominant.

A tall sturdy plant of large light green colas of densely packed sugar frosted buds with an aroma of earthy lemon and a taste of pine and citrus zest. Deep relaxation coupled with euphoria and wellbeing with a chilled out state permeating throughout the mind and body. Creative and Sublime. Good to heavy yields.Colorado growers P Bud & Joe Brand were growing a strain they alternately called the “Dog bud” (because it was said to make the smoker roll on the ground like a dog), and the “Chem” weed (because of its unique almost chemcial funk).  After turning on an East Coaster to the strain on Grateful Dead tour, they stayed in touch, and later sent some herb East to their friend.  In one batch, the recipient found seeds, which would later be known as the Chem line (Chemdog [aka Chem 91], Chem B [aka SistaChem], Chem D, and Chem


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