Mandarins 47


Mandarine 47

The outstanding and award-winning features of the AK-47 in combination with a sweet, citrusy aroma of Tangerine Dream and an above-average yield make it a true labor of love.

The taste of orange juice dominates the flavor of Mandarine 47 which also has undertones of lemon. The powerful high is energizing and euphoric, making this a great smoke for parties and physical activity. Medically, this weed can be used to alleviate poor appetite and stress. The THC content has been measured at 26%.

With its beautiful citrus fruit flavor, high potency and good yields, this sativa dominant variety produces a highly and recommended strong weed. Novice smokers should approach the super potent strain with some caution. Mandarine 47 will fully live up to its name and has a delicious, fruity aroma, reminiscent of ripe tangerines. She is a fast acting strain that delievers a high-energy cerebral stimulation with an aura of euphoria that will sure leave a smile on your face. Mandarine47 takes you in a seemingly never-ending energetic high, which can last several hours.

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